6 Habits for Health & Happiness in 2021
6 Habits for Health & Happiness in 2021

2020 was a year unlike any other, with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting us all in different ways. As we kick off 2021, set realistic intentions that will help you improve your physical, mental and emotional health. Let our suggestions motivate you to implement practices for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

1. Find Joy in the Little Things
It can be easy to focus on the things that fuel anxiety and stress while overlooking the simple pleasures of everyday life. Try to be more intentional in the New Year by shifting your focus to things that bring you joy. Express gratitude more often, surround yourself with people who inspire you, perform acts of service, listen to your favorite music or watch the sunset.

2. Fuel Your Body Right
With illness at the forefront of our minds during these challenging times, it’s important to eat nourishing foods packed with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help prevent sickness. Fill your plate with an array of colorful produce and nutrient-dense foods rich in fiber and protein. Enjoy energy-boosting, satisfying snacks like hummus and veggies, fruit and Greek yogurt or unsalted nuts and dried fruits.

3. Set Realistic Fitness Goals
When you set a goal to increase your physical activity, avoid drastic first steps. Start with small goals like taking a short walk every day, experimenting with a new virtual workout or making gentle yoga part of your morning routine. Smaller goals are easier to maintain, boost confidence and are more likely to become habits.

4. Set Daily Intentions
Being home more than usual can make the days feel monotonous and zap motivation. Try setting intentions for things you want to accomplish in 24 hours. This will not only provide daily structure, but will also boost happiness and motivation. Starting with daily intentions can also help you set bigger goals to achieve throughout the year.

5. Don’t Give into “Imposter Syndrome”
Teddy Roosevelt said it best: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Everyone’s path is different, and everyone is at different stages in their lives, especially during the ongoing pandemic. Comparing yourself to others, also called “imposter syndrome,” robs you of precious energy and often results in resentment. Going into the New Year, be grateful for your path and focus on yourself and your progress.

6. Find Daily Calm with Meditation
Meditation delivers incredible benefits for both the mind and body. It can positively impact mood, stress, sleep, chronic disease, focus and more. Choosing to spend just five minutes focusing on your breath through meditation can help you feel at ease and appreciate the present moment. There’s no right way to meditate; experiment with a variety of relaxation techniques to find what resonates with you.