DIY Festive Table Décor
DIY Festive Table Décor

There are many ways you can turn your dinner table into a beautiful setting for guests. Get creative with these ideas for DIY decorating, and visit our Floral Department for glittered pine cones, branches, fresh green mixed garland, centerpieces, poinsettias and more! You’ll also find holiday-scented Village Candles in Winter Clementine and Balsam Fir.

Bring the Outdoors Inside
Use what you can from the great outdoors. Twigs, leaves, berries, pinecones and branches can be used as seasonal décor. Use a cake stand or other type of structure to elevate the centerpiece, and line it with an arrangement of outdoor items. Complement your centerpiece with a few ornaments or ribbons to enhance the holiday look. However, remember not to overfill your table, less can be more appealing.

Add Colorful Foods
Using foods can be a simple and visually appealing way to create an attractive setting. Fruits such as pears, oranges and cranberries, or even small pumpkins and gourds, can make for lovely centerpieces. Fill a few glass jars or vases with a food item that adds color to your setting. Nuts also add color and texture.

Make Place Cards
Simple, handwritten place cards add a personal touch and further enhance your table. For a more professional look, print cards on your home printer using a nice card stock.

Light up the Table
Candles are also an inexpensive way to add an elegant touch to your dinner table. Tiny tea lights can be placed on the table to add a small amount of light. For a different way to use candles in your décor, try placing them inside a large, clear jar, then place nuts or pinecones around the outside base. You could also try using a string of white holiday lights to add a little sparkle.

Remember the Details
The smallest details can leave a lasting impression. Napkins are a wonderful way to add color to the table. Tie your napkins with a lovely piece of ribbon, and then use a few twigs and berries to complete the look. You can also leave candies or mints near the place setting as a gift for your guests. Details do matter!