Food for Thought May 2020
Food for Thought

Healthy eating tips and tricks from our own Weis Dietitians.

As you might suspect, the Weis Dietitians love a good salad and especially when it’s been spruced up with nutrient-rich toppings like grains, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and beans, to name a few. Learn more about their favorite ways to transform a basic bed of greens into a nutritious and satisfying salad, then give it a try at home!

“I top salads with fresh fruit for a sweet bite and roasted and seasoned chickpeas for a protein- and fiber-packed crunch.” –Lyndi

“I top my salads with cooked quinoa or brown rice to increase the fiber and whole grain content, so I feel fuller longer. They add a pleasing texture and flavor too!” –Amanda

“I add roasted nuts to salads for extra flavor, crunch, fiber and plant-based protein.” –Kimberly

“I like to top my salad with nuts, instead of croutons. They provide a great crunch and flavor, plus healthy fats, plant-based protein and fiber.” –Taylor

“I enjoy making my own salad dressing with a combination of balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic powder and olive oil. So easy and fresh!” –Erin

“I like to layer in additional veggies, like mushrooms, cooked asparagus, pickled onions/cabbage to power up the nutrient content.” –Emily

“I add natural sweetness to salads with fresh fruit like diced apple, clementines or strawberries.” –Kathryn

“I mix recipe-ready shredded coleslaw blend or broccoli slaw with tender greens to add an extra layer of texture and a unique appearance.” –Beth

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