Bountiful Grazing Boards

Bountiful Grazing Boards Mediterranean
Mediterranean Meze Board
cucumbers, grape tomatoes, feta cheese, pita triangles and/or pita chips, prepared tzatziki, hummus (original, roasted red pepper and/or everything), olives, sea salt chickpea snacks, shelled pistachios



Bountiful Grazing Boards Grilled Veggie
Grilled Veggie & Charcuterie Board
grilled vegetables: eggplant, cherry tomatoes, summer squash and red onion; thinly sliced meats: prosciutto and Genoa salami; Asiago cheese, prepared pesto, sliced crusty bread, roasted almonds



Bountiful Grazing Boards Fruit & Sweet Treat
Fruit & Sweet Treats Board
watermelon stars and blueberry skewers, strawberries, low-fat vanilla yogurt, chocolate hazelnut spread, whole grain pretzel sticks, roasted almonds